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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of talk psychotherapy used to help resolve sexual problems.  Sex therapy can benefit individuals and couples of any age and sexual orientation.

*No sexual contact takes place during therapy.* 

 Women who seek sex therapy generally experience low desire, sexual pain, difficulty with arousal or problems experiencing orgasm.  Sexual trauma often affects sexual functioning.

Men who seek therapy might be experiencing erectile dysfunction, delayed or premature ejaculation or low libido.

In sex therapy, you'll learn a more positive approach to sex and use practical exercises to address sexual and relationship concerns.  You will understand pitfalls and triggers in your sexual relationship and discover new ways to overcome them.

Sex Therapy Addressing Menopause & Male Andropause

Many couples' lives are negatively impacted by sexual problems related to menopause for women and andropause for men.  There is often a decrease in sexual satisfaction because of women's vaginal pain and men's erectile dysfunction.  There is less estrogen for both sexes, which affects desire and libido and less testosterone for men.  These physiological changes create relationship ruptures and a tendency for couples to avoid sexual contact. I'll help you safely move towards each other instead of disconnecting from one another.

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